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Terra Mai
an environmentally responsible company run by our good friends and
fellow river runners, Erika Carpenter and Richard McFarland,
specializing in beautiful, rare, stable, durable solid wood
reclaimed from a mixture of numerous tropical hardwood species,
found in railroad ties and other salvage sources in Southeast Asia

A.E.C. - Costa Rica

Costa Rica's unique adventure-spanish school. Combine spanish-language learning with a river or other outdoor adventure

BP Ceramics
original works of art by the beautiful and talented
river guide and artist... Billie Rae Prosser

John Blaustein
original photographic artwork
taken in Grand Canyon and other wildly beautiful locales

Environmental Defense
(formerly EDF)

Grand Canyon River Guides
the voice of the guides who live in Grand Canyon

Noah's Rafting
Ashland, Oregon

Arizona River Runners

RP Bio
the man behind the curtain

Salmon River Dories
Deary, Idaho

Sierra Mac
Sonora, California

Too-Loo'-Uk River Guides, Alaska
owned and operated by the mostly famous and sometimes infamous...
Jimmie Hendrick and Juliette Boselli

the Whale Foundation
a link dedicated to assisting river guides