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  My Bio

I have been fortunate. Even before I finished high school, which I attended in my home town of Saratoga, CA, the west was my playground. In my youth, my buddies and I would get rides to the beach with an older sibling, or we'd hitchhike up Highway 9 to hike in the Santa Cruz mountains. Later we drove to the Sierra, Yosemite and beyond. Before I could (legally) have a beer in Mel’s Tavern in Angels Camp, I was being paid to take people down the Stanislaus River in California's sierra foothills. I took advantage of nearly every chance to see a new river, explore a new region, or take a new hike. The urge to see different places and to return to the places and faces that have grown in me along the way has been the motivating force in my life.

Arizona, Utah, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, California... have offered themselves as venues and homes throughout the journey. Most importantly, the river road I have traveled since 1978 has given me the opportunity to meet and spend quality time with so many fine people.

If one's wealth is measured by their friends... I am a very rich man.

These days I am in Flagstaff, Arizona, yet the urge to travel and run rivers is still very strong in me. I spend most of the year traveling and taking people on river adventures. Although each year is different, it often plays out like this...

The River Season - April through October

April is spent in Grand Canyon. The flowers are blooming and the days are getting longer. We take full advantage of the cooler weather and hike as much as possible. I'll stay in Grand for 2 or 3 trips (trips are 2 weeks each.

By early June the weather is getting hot in the Canyon country and it is time for me to head north�to Alaska.  If you have been to Alaska you know it is incredible.  If you haven�t yet been there, well, you should go.  Raw and magnificent country everywhere, and the rivers take you into the heart of that wilderness.  I�ll stay in Alaska until early to mid July� then I go south to Idaho.

The Main and Middle forks of the Salmon River are the perfect July destination.  The rivers have peaked but still have plenty of water�and the weather is 75 to 80 degrees.  Ideal conditions and fantastic country.  By late July / early August it�s time to return to Grand Canyon.

August is probably my favorite month in the Canyon.  Monsoon conditions prevail and thunderstorms are the afternoon fare.  The weather goes from hot to cold, from sunny to cloudy, from dry to wet�in a matter of minutes�and then back again.  Dramatic backdrops mix with streaking sun to create rainbows and light shows that must be seen to be believed. 

The Grand Canyon will be my home for 4 more trips, until late October when the season has changed again.  Fall is in the air.  Early nights and the need to wear warm clothes remind me it is time to go home�and another river season comes to a close.


Vision Defined

The last few years have been interesting and eventful to say the least... in a good way of course.  You know me - heart on the sleeve, live each day to the max, be stoked all the time... I have lived a life rich with friends and adventure.  Hard to believe even for me, and I was there.  I'm happier than ever, and after turning 40 several years ago, have become increasingly aware of what is important to me and what my vision is towards the future.

What do I care about?

To me it's about family and friends who share and learn from each other.   It's about quality of life, and that equates to time actually spent with those friends and family.  To be able to facilitate that with others and ideally share in the experience... that is what
it is about for me.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching people I care about enjoying their surroundings and who they are with.  The river... where everyday is a "love fest."

So what's my plan?  To continue bringing friends and families into the wilderness.  For years I have worked with some of the best crews in the adventure industry.  And we continue to run better and better trips every year. 
That is what it is all about.

My vision in nut shell... Run longer trips, provide customized service with the best crews in the industry.  We want to spend more time at the waterfall…let it soak in…we can leave later…it’s too good right now.  Let’s take that morning walk to the ruins…no hurry.

What do you like to eat and drink?  What are your interests?  We want to know your family…and someday take your kids…and grandkids…on safe adventures into the vanishing wilderness.

The other part of my vision is that vanishing wilderness.  We who travel into the wild lands are the stewards of that sacred ground.  It is our land and we are responsible to protect it.  This is no easy task and everyone has there place among the endless watch.  We want to run trips that make a difference.  Everyone who travels with us will be contributing because our goal is to have each trip benefit the regional environment.  

We spend and give in a regionalized manner to help the local economy thrive as well support the natural environment.  This is not just a vision� it is a defined way to live and grow.  

With us,
river trips are emphasized, Yet we can, and will, run all types of outdoor trips.   The ideal situation is to consult with you and put together a trip just for you and your group.  Whatever you can think of�we�ll help you do it.  If it is not in our area of expertise�we�ll point you in the right direction. 

We'd love to hear from you, so drop us a line or an email with any news you feel like sharing.   After all, staying in touch is what it's all about, with family, friends, and of course with nature.