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We have run commercial trips on over 40 rivers, the vast majority of which are in the West. The trips below show some of what Rapid Creek recommends and has coming up (so far) in the next couple of years. Most are the ones we run every year, yet we always leave room to go where there is flow. Snow packs can vary greatly throughout the wide West... let's go where the water is this year.

There is a trip for every group, each one offering a matchless and unforgettable perspective. Rapid Creek trips and dates are usually set up two years in advance, particularly in Grand Canyon. Most of the other trips can be put together within a year, but remember, our service is all about getting you the trip you want, down to the last finely tuned detail, so we try not to rush the process or leave anything to the last minute. There are lots of trips to run (and many we haven't done and hope to, so give us an excuse to go!)-take a look and let us know what you'd like to do.

Anything is possible, let us help with your dreams. They can come true.

The River Season-April through October

Although each year is different, it often plays out like this...

Late March is the perfect time of year to spend a long weekend up to the better part of a week in Central Arizona. For example, we highly recommend a four- to six-day trip on The Salt River.

April is spent on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. The flowers are blooming and the days are getting longer. We take full advantage of the cooler weather and hike as much as possible. I'll stay in Grand for two or three trips, each of which is on average two weeks each. It's possible to do a shorter five- or seven-day leg, or a longer 17-day Canyon trip of a lifetime-The Hiker�s Special.

In May, I�m often still in the Canyon, but I love running rivers in gorgeous Northern California as well, such as the Scott, Klamath, and Tuolumne Rivers. These trips are perfect for anywhere from one- to five-day runs.

By early June the weather is getting hot in the Canyon country and it is time for me to head north to Alaska. If you have been to Alaska you know it is incredible, awe-inspiring, breathtaking. If you haven't yet been there, well, you should go. Raw and magnificent country everywhere, and the rivers take you into the heart of that wilderness. Among my favorites are the Kongakut and the Canning rivers, both in the Brooks Range, as well as the Talkeetna in the Alaska Range. These trips usually run between six and ten days.

I'll stay in Alaska until early- to mid-July, then I go south to Idaho. The Main and Middle forks of the Salmon River are the perfect July destination. The rivers have peaked but still have plenty of water (and fish for fishermen!), and the days are generally sunshiny and 75 to 80 degrees-plan to spend five to seven days in ideal conditions and fantastic country.

By late July / early August it's time to return to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. August is probably my favorite month in the Canyon. Monsoon conditions prevail and thunderstorms are the afternoon fare. The weather goes from hot to cold, from sunny to cloudy, from dry to wet in a matter of minutes, and then back again. Dramatic backdrops mix with streaking sun to create rainbows and light shows that must be seen to be believed. The Grand Canyon is home for four more trips through late October when the season has changed again. Fall is in the air. Early nights and the need to wear warm clothes remind me it is time to go home, and another river season comes to a close.